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Sodium Hexametaphosphate 68% SHMP CAS No. 10124-56-8

Price: 1 USD /Kilogram
Minimum Order Quantity: 1/Metric Ton
Supply Ability:500 Metric Ton/Month
Updatetime:Jun 22 2021
Company Information Hebei Zhanyao Biotechnology Co.,ltd
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Boiling Point: 1500℃
Boiling Point:: 1500℃
Refractive index:: 1.482
Cas NO.: 10124-56-8
Name: sodium hexametaphosphate
Brand Name: ZHANYAO
Appearance: white powder
EINECS: 233-343-1
Molecular Formula: H6Na6O18P6
Melting Point:: 616 °C
Usage: Auxiliaries/intermediates.
Purity: 99%
Refractive index: 1.482
Aliase: Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Melting Point: 616 °C
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Packaging Detail: According to customer's demands
Delivery Detail: by sea , by air or by express
Product Description

 Aliase: Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Purity: 99(%)
Appearance:white powder
Brand: zhanyao
formula index: C2AgF6NO4S2
Usage: It can be used as a food quality improver in food industry, pH adjusting agent, metal ion chelating agents, dispersants, extenders, etc. It can be used as a kind of common analytical reagents, water softener, and also used for photofinishing and printing.It can be used as a water softener, detergent, preservative, cement hardening accelerator, fiber dyeing and cleaning agents; it can also used for medicine, food, petroleum, printing and dyeing, tanning, and paper industry.It can be used as texturizing agent; emulsifiers; stabilizer; chelating agent. It is less frequently for being used alone and is generally used in mixture with pyrophosphate and metaphosphate. The mixture is mainly used for ham, sausage, surimi such as the tissue improver for water retention, tendering and meat softening. It can also be used for prevention of crystallization of canned crab as well as dissolving agent of pectin.It can be used as the water softening agent of boiler water and industrial water (including water for the production of dyes, water for the production of titanium dioxide, water for printing and dyeing, and slurry mixing, water for cleaning color copy of the film, as well as chemical industrial water and the water for the medicines, reagents production, etc.) as well as the water treatment agent for the industrial cooling water; it can also be used as a corrosion inhibitor, flotation agent, dispersant agent, high temperature binding agent, dyeing auxiliaries, metal surface treatment, rust inhibitors, detergent additives and also cement hardening accelerator. Coated paper production can use it as pulp dispersants in order to improve the penetration capability. In addition, it can also be apply to the washing utensils and chemical fiber in order to remove iron ions of the pulp. In the oil industry, it can be used for the antirust of the drilling pipe and adjusting the slurry viscosity upon the control of oil drilling.It can be used as the quality improver with various effects of increasing the complex metal ions of food, pH, ionic strength, thereby improving the adhesive capability as well as the water holding ability of food. China provides that it can be applied to the dairy products, poultry products, ice cream, instant noodles and meat with the maximum permitted amount being 5.0 g/kg; the maximal permitted usage amount in canned food, fruit juice (flavored) drinks and vegetable protein drink is 1.0g/kg.It can be used as a food quality improver in food industry and applied to canned food, fruit juice drinks, dairy products, and soy milk. It can be used as Ph adjusting agent, metal ion chelate agent, adhesive and bulking agents. When being applied to beans and canned fruits and vegetables, it can be stabilize the natural pigment and protect the food color and lustre; when being used in canned meat, it can be used for preventing the emulsification of the fat and maintaining its uniform texture; when being applied to meat, it can be used to increase the water holding capacity and prevent the deterioration of fat in the meat. It can also help to clarify the wine when being supplied to beer and further prevent turbidity.

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